Since 1893, Southerland has been making top quality mattresses right here in the USA. From humble roots in Indiana, to one of today’s leading mattress manufacturers, Southerland prides itself on making a quality, long lasting mattress to give you and your family a great night’s sleep. Southerland keeps your safety and comfort in mind  by using materials manufactured right here in America to build their mattresses, never foreign foam or fabrics with unknown, unhealthy chemicals in them. Quality control is kept tight with their layering and build process, which guarantees that you will get a consistent feel and comfort evenly across your new mattress, with each side equally balanced for softness and support just the way you want. Southerland offers a wide range of beds, so you can rest assured that you will find one that your will love! From luxury firm to pillow top, thermal balanced to memory foam, you can look forward to a great night’s sleep for years to come on your new Southerland mattress. Many of today’s manufacturers spend their money on advertising and flashy fabrics, leaving little left over to build you a mattress that will last you for years with the quality you want. Southerland saves that advertising money and reinvests it into building a better product, offered at a substantial savings to the consumer versus other, more well known, manufacturers. For 122 years, Southerland has been “Making it Right”, right here in the USA. Come by today and see and feel how a 100% American made mattress can give you the sleep of your dreams!

Serta Mattresses

Perfect Sleeper

Perfect Sleeper Mattress

Serta has joined forces with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) to introduce the all-new Perfect Sleeper® SmartSurface™ Elite collection, the Only Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation. Engineered with input from the NSF, this new collection was designed to help solve many of the common causes of poor sleep.  Click the picture for more info.

serta icomfort

iComfort Mattress

Experience all the benefits of Serta’s Cool Action™ Dual Effects® Gel Memory Foam, now enhanced with EverFeel™ Technology.  This mattress offers contouring, pressure-relieving comfort at the sleep surface while also supporting your body where it needs it most.  Click the picture for more info.

 Primo Mattresses

Eloquence Mattress

Eloquence Mattress

Eloquence2 8″, 2.5 pound density visco elastic memory foam mattress features a beige Jacquard velour cover.  Click the picture for a larger picture

Expression Mattress

Expression Mattress

Expression 6 inch, 3 lb. density visco elastic memory foam youth mattress has removeable cover, and comes in Beige, Blue and Pink colors.  Click the picture for a larger picture